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  “Good-bye, Woland!”
1) In Anatolia
2) Ode to a Trucker 9
3) The Black Dress
4) The Good Machine
5) She Was Good to Me
6) Banks of the Ohio
7) When a Catís a Dog
8) The Dog King
9) My Good Hoss
  "Captain Yonder" (Eponymous CD)
1) From the Leaves
2) Hey-Away-Ho
3) Look, the Oaks!
4) Crazy on the Hill
5) Soon I Will Sail
6) The Green Plains
7) White Day
8) The Barge Song


  “Mad Country Love Songs”
1) Mad Country Love Song I
2) Mad Country Love Song II
3) Mad Country Love Song III
4) Mad Country Love Song IV
5) Quiet Company
6) Hey-Away-Ho
7) Stopping the Sun
8) Christmas Tea
9) Embracing the Sun
10) Killing Time
"Whence, Whither Hence, the Sordid?"




  “Whence, Whither Hence, the Sordid?”
1) The Setting (Anonymous)
2) By and By, My Baby
3) Hey-Away-Ho
4) Picking Up Angel
5) Under the Bridge With Trampy & Midge
6) Motor
7) Crimson River
8) The Inexorable Rye Whiskey Train
9) In the Cornfield
10) Syballine
11) This Cat’s a Dog
12) Free Scattergun (Anonymous)
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